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The roots

The roots of Dai Prà company date back to the early 1900s when Emanuele Dai Prà along with his five children started to build bridges and tunnels. We can find some of their works in Agordino (Belluno, Italy), San Marino and even Greece and Hungary.

The sons

His sons – including Antonio Dai Prà – succeeded him, but unfortunately they had to to close the company because of the beginning of the second World War.



Marcello Dai Prà, son of Antonio Dai Pra, restarted the business alone in 1973, thanks to the knowledge gained through the gelogy school, the expertise adquired in Agip, Libya, and in many other works done in Africa and Belgium. He decided to commercialize drilling machines and cement injection equipments. He also dealt with some successful brands such as Peroni, Puntel, Stenuick and Secorock.


In 1997 the company passed to Paola Dai Prà that chose to specialize in mixers and injecton plants creating the production line.



Nowadays the company is developing a wide range of injectors, pumps, mixers and accessories in the field of consolidation, and it is growing more and more internationally.


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Where to find us

Via A. Volta, 3735010 Villafranca Padovana PD(Fraz. Taggì di Sopra)Italia


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